What is Fat Cavitation?

Fat Cavitation utilizes high frequency sound wave technology to reduce stubborn areas of fat and cellulite. It works by breaking down targeted fat cells and allowing them to be filtered out through the body’s own lymphatic system. Ultrasound Fat Cavitation treatment only works on the targeted unwanted fat cells and does not cause damage to surrounding, healthy skin tissue. The entire bodily process takes several days to complete following treatment so we recommend that you space your sessions at weekly intervals.


What does the treatment involve?

During your Fat Cavitation treatment your therapist will apply an ultrasound hand piece over the selected fat deposit and glide in a continuous massaging motion for 10minutes per area. The sensation is best described as a hot stone massage and is completely painless. A loud noise can be heard during the treatment similar to the sound of a cicada bug.


How many treatments will I need?

Typically, a course of 5-10 treatments at weekly intervals are required to achieve optimal results. A minimum of 72hrs must pass between sessions.


How long will the results last?

Results are permanent however the pockets of fat may return if you do not maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle.


What does the treatment cost?

Package discount - Buy 5 get 1 free

Abdomen $99

Hips $120

Buttocks $120

Buttocks & Hips $199

Thighs (Inner or Outer) $120

Thighs (Inner & Outer) $199


Who can have this treatment?

This method is not a weight loss program, it is particularly designed for clients that live a healthy lifestyle but still have stubborn fat deposits. This treatment is not recommended for clients with high cholesterol, liver disease or diabetes. Fat Cavitation is not suitable for those who have been on Roaccutane in the last 6 months, have cystic acne, open wounds or infections in the area to be treated. Not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.


Pre and Post Care Information

To ensure your body responds well to Fat Cavitation, at least 2 litres of water should be consumed over a 24hr period prior to and after the treatment. A low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat and low sugar diet 24hrs pre and post treatment will ensure your body utilizes triglycerides released by the fat cavitation process. A minimum of 20 minutes of elevated heart rate cardio exercise is required immediately following your treatment to ensure the stored energy released by the cavitation process is burnt off.