What is Photo Rejuvenation?

IPL Photo Rejuvenation uses light energy to penetrate the skin, effectively reducing both red and brown pigments. We use longer wave lengths of light to stimulate new collagen formation so that the face becomes more luminous rather than dull and spotted.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation provides improvement in the overall quality and tone of the face, resulting in the appearance of more youthful and even toned skin with a vibrant healthy glow.


What does the treatment involve?

The treatment includes an Express Microdermabrasion followed by IPL Photo Rejuvenation. During an IPL Photo Rejuvenation treatment a cool gel is applied to the skin and you will be given dark glasses to protect your eyes. A hand piece is placed on your skin and pulses of light are emitted to treat the skins imperfections. The firing of the IPL during a Rejuvenation treatment is very comfortable and will feel just slightly warm on the skin. Treatment time takes 10-20mins depending on the area being treated. Immediately after the treatment the skin may appear slightly flushed.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required varies from person to person depending upon the condition of your skin. Normally, you will need three to six treatments at intervals of two to four weeks.


How long will the results last?

A permanent increase in collagen and elastin is achieved from each treatment of IPL Rejuvenation, however as our skin is continually ageing, maintenance treatment sessions every six months are recommended.


What does the treatment cost?

Diamond Photo Rejuvenation Facial - Full Face $149

Diamond Photo Rejuvenation Facial - Face, Neck and Decolletage $199

Add-on LED Healite Therapy $40

Add-on extra Extraction time $30

Add-on Purifying Clay Mask $30

Add-on Hydrating Mask $30


Who can have this treatment?

IPL Photo Rejuvenation is not suitable for dark skin types, pregnant (fine while breastfeeding), those who have been on Roaccutane in the last 6 months, have open wounds, infection, rosacea, psoriasis or dermatitis in the area to be treated.

Pre and Post care Information

Darker skin types may require the use of a Tyrosinase Inhibitor for a minimum of 14 days pre-treatment and for the duration of the treatment. This is for the safety and effectiveness of treatment. We recommend ‘Medik8 White Balance Brightening Serum' $124.

Avoid unprotected sun exposure for 4 weeks prior to any IPL treatment.

The skin must be free from spray tan or tanning creams.

If treating an area covered in hair, the hair must be shaved 12-24hrs prior to coming for your treatment.

Apply ‘Skinstitut Laser aid’ every 4 hours after your treatment of IPL Photo Rejuvenation, this is available to purchase at the time of your treatment.

Use of a broad-spectrum SPF50 sunscreen is essential post treatment.