Skin-Inject Derma Roller 0.25mm

Skin-Inject Derma Roller 0.25mm


Skin-Inject DNC Derma Roller 0.25MM

An at-home skin needling system for effective skin rejuvenation and regeneration. Using an advanced silicone suspension system with 600 gamma-sterilised surgical-grade stainless steal micro needles, The Skin-Inject DNC Derma Roller creates a multitude of tiny puncture wounds to the dermis which induces the release of growth factors that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin.The process works to enhance the performance of serums and creams, has little down time and is as comfortable and pain free as possible, with fast, long lasting results.



Assists in the treatment of: Collagen Induction Therapy Scar Reduction Therapy Cosmedical product infusion Treatment of skin ageing and wrinkles Treatment of pigmentation Treatment of acne‚ pimples and enlarged pores Treatment of body stretch marks



Perfect to use 2-3 times a week at home. In conjunction with your cosmedical skin care you can perform treatments in as little as 3 minutes and the device will last up to 6 months before a replacement is required.

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