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Skinstitut Laser Aid

Skinstitut Laser Aid


Sensitive types: this will remedy your skin-related angst. Our ultra-soothing and cooling Laser Aid calms all kinds of skin reactivity, redness, and post-treatment irritation with a rich blend of vitamin concentrates and antioxidants to instantly cool reactive skin. [Insert deep sigh of relief.]



  • Instant relief for sensitive, sunburnt, inflamed skin, including rosacea and acne

  • A post-treatment essential to alleviate redness and irritation after cosmetic procedures such as laser (except Co2), IPL, and waxing

  • Antioxidant and vitamin-rich concentrates support skin repair

  • Does double duty as a cooling antibacterial mask

  • Vitamins E and B5, Canadian Willowherb, Witch Hazel extract, Aloe Vera, Cucumber Oil 

  • Apply liberally to skin inflammation or irritation up to four times per day until redness subsides. Remove excess with tissue and expect to feel a warming sensation as Laser Aid is designed to draw heat out of the skin.
    **Do not rub excessively. Do not apply over open skin. Do not use after treatment with Co2 lasers.

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