What is RF Skin Tightening?

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening is an effective treatment for addressing skin laxity on the face and body and is commonly used for non-surgical face and body lifts such as under eye bags, neck, jowls, buttocks, décolleté firming and postnatal tummy tightening. During an RF Skin Tightening treatment the temperature in the sub dermal layers of the skin increases, causing shortening (tightening) of the collagen fibres and stimulating new collagen development. This treatment requires no downtime and results are immediately noticeable, becoming even more so in the weeks following the treatment as the build-up of collagen effects further skin contraction.

RF Skin Tightening may be performed as a stand alone treatment offering skin tightening results or combined with ultrasound fat cavitation to aid further fat breakdown and tighten the skin in the area where the cavitation treatment has taken place.

What does the treatment involve?

During treatment, the therapist slowly rotates the handpiece over the targeted area transmitting radio waves through the upper layers of the skin to the dermis – heating the dermis to between 39 and 45 degrees Celsius without harm to surrounding tissue. During treatment you will feel a warm-hot sensation, but it doesn’t burn or hurt – the heat bypasses the epidermis altogether.

How many treatments will I need?

This will be individually assessed during your consultation. Typically to achieve maximum results, a course of 6-10 treatments are recommended spaced at one to four weeks apart, then annual maintenance treatment to maintain results.


How long will the results last?

Results vary from client to client. They can last 24 months or more based on the client’s natural aging process.


What does the treatment cost?

Package discount = Buy 5 get 1 free


Face $120

Face & Neck $170

Face, Neck & Décolletage $250

Abdomen $120

Upper Arms $120

Lower Butt & Upper Thighs $220


Who can have this treatment?

This treatment is effective on both light and dark skin, and best results are seen by clients in their mid-30s to mid-60s who display mild to moderate facial sagging or lax skin on the face or body.

Radio Frequency treatments are not suitable for clients with a pacemaker or internal defibrillator or those who have been on Roaccutane in the last 6 months, have cystic acne, open wounds or infections in the area to be treated. Treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or while nursing.


Pre and Post Care Information

To ensure the body responds well to RF at least 2 litres of water should be consumed over a 24 hour period prior to the treatment. It is essential to stagger water consumption over this period to ensure your body is well hydrated. A mild exfoliation scrub prior to RF will prepare your skin to get maximum results. Any deep peels should be avoided a week prior to and a week following your treatment. RF heats the skin to cause retraction of the collagen fibres, so it is important not to cool it immediately afterwards as the inflammation encourages results. You may wear a mineral based foundation to conceal any redness. An SPF 30+ should be applied immediately following your treatment and reapplied as necessary over the next 72hrs. To achieve optimal and long lasting results it is highly recommended you follow your therapists advice for home care between treatments.